Do you long to embrace your true nature in a community of supportive women?

Do you have a deep knowing that there’s more to your menstrual cycle and would love some support as to how to utilise it as a natural spiritual pathway that’s encoded within your body?

The Online Moon Lodge is a safe space for women around the world to gather together to befriend their menstrual cycle, deeply heal both the true feminine and masculine

and awaken The Sacred Womb.

In The Lodge You Can

  • Connect with like-minded women around the world
  • Implement new and fun self-care practices that genuinely make a difference
  • Befriend your menstrual cycle and cyclical nature
  • Deeply heal your true Feminine and Masculine aspects
  • Awaken your Sacred Womb centre and utilise this for transformation and manifestation in all areas of life.

Inside The Lodge


Each new moon a new course is released covering different aspects of Womb Wisdom.


Live Ceremonies in tune with The Moon cycles, so you get direct support on the latest topic.


This is where you’ll find your community of like minded women. Share and exchange support in The Lodge Circles.


Foundation tools like grounding and cycle tracking, exclusive offers on relevant products and useful resources.

Working with Melanie I have become very aware of the sacredness of my cycle, and to realise how special I am. The moon ceremonies help me to strengthen the link between my body and spirit, and how incredible it is to do this along with other women over the world!
I’m starting to work with my own rhythms, and through this to really get to know myself!


Before finding Sacred Womb work, I paid very little attention to my menstrual cycle. Now, not only do I recognize it’s importance, but I also consider it to be the nucleus of my creative life. I’ve learnt to attune to my cycle, track physical changes and use it as my creative flow. The Lodge provides the tools, guidance & resources necessary to reach our fullest potential.


Each New Moon You’ll Receive


An online course covering topics such as Manifesting With The Moon, Healing The Female Ancestral Line, Yoni Steaming and Awakening The Sacred Womb.


Easy to digest content in the form of videos, guided meditations, medicine stories, totem spirits, creative exercises, beautiful printables and more.


2 Live workshops per month in which we practice together, exchange ideas and you get direct support to implement the Medicine Bundles.


Sign up to be paired with a Moon Sister. A lodge member to give and receive 1:1 support, reflections and laughter!

Get Instant Access To These Medicine Bundles

The Lodge is structured so that you can engage with the contents as much or as little as you like each cycle. The one thing we don’t need is more stuff to do and then to feel guilty for not doing it!

The Medicine Bundles, the resources, the community are always here for you. Go through the bundles with your Sisters or alone, it’s totally up to you, totally at your own pace.

Some months we’ll be focusing on rest and creating space anyway. After all……we ARE women. We function in cycles. It’s our true nature!

And so The Lodge will honor and reflect this.

Following your Sacred Womb course I completed last year I now look at my cycle in a completely new way. I am far more in tune with myself and my cycle. I don’t dread it like I once did. I embrace it and fully try to use it as a renewing time. I love the circles and each time, gain some new insights and experiences. I really didn’t expect to feel this way at all. I was very wary of the whole concept when I first spoke with you. As I am becoming menopausal age, I really want to gain wisdom before this phase starts in my life. Thank you for empowering me and sharing your wisdom. I’m still not at the bleeding into the earth stage quite yet! But never say never!


We’ll go through cycles of topics


Attuning and connecting with our cycles and womb centre to optimise personal growth and our ability to create.


Grounded psychotherapy and shamanic techniques that heal both our true feminine and masculine nature.


Nurturing and fun self care practices that make a real difference in our daily lives.


Awakening of our Sacred Womb Centre and how we apply this to genuinely shift our reality.

Using Creative Mediums




Printable worksheets

high quality videos


downloadable audios

I participated in the new moon ceremony and have learned the cycles of The Moon/Earth and my connection to it. The Ceremony helped me learn about my emotions more, and how to feel them and not be them, how to take the force that rushes through and around us like a tide, and channel it to help us.
Living in tune with my cycle is like putting the sails up on a boat on a windy day instead of being tossed around randomly.


The moon ceremonies have helped me to tune into the lunar rhythm and therefore more in tune with my menstrual rhythm. I have learnt over the past few ceremonies how to harness the moon energy and have started using the same ceremonies at the corresponding points in my menstrual cycle.
I feel more in control of my life and know myself better. I accept myself more now rather than fight my cyclic nature.


Get Instant Access To The Lodge

And Join A Growing Community Of Like-Spirited Women

About Melanie

What I really love about living in tune with my cycle and Sacred Womb centre is that the womb has a consciousness of it’s own, and it is this that takes me deeper and deeper to my true essence and to the expansive unknown.

I love that we are each unique and our cycles obey no rules. Each month changing, shifting, evolving…’s a pathway of growth and transformation that consistently surprises, delights, dissolves and empowers me. I hope that it will benefit you too.

May we all empower and inspire each other, Melanie.

if you want to know more about me check out The Sacred Womb

Frequently asked questions

I'm new to all of this, is The Lodge suitable for me?
Yes, Absolutely. Initially, we’ll be focusing on Attuning With The Moon, our Menstrual Cycle and creating personal ceremonies. There is also some foundation content in the resources area which will help you to ground, clear and centre yourself, set your intention, connect with the joy of your cycle and more! You’re very welcome to join The Lodge, please don’t hesitate to contact me on if you have more specific questions.
I've been attuned with my cycle for a while now and want to go deeper, is The Lodge for me?
Yes it is. The Medicine Bundle that is released each New Moon contains a section called ‘Deepening’, which takes account of those that have already worked in this topic. Also, our cycles, our healing and self-care are a never ending journey of discovery. So, if you’ve already tried yoni steaming and that’s the focus of the Medicine Bundle that month, then there will be aspects of if for you to deepen your experience and indeed share your wisdom to others in The Lodge – an essential aspect of womens’ circles. You’re very welcome to join The Lodge, please don’t hesitate to contact me on if you have more specific questions.
I no longer bleed or I've had a hysterectomy. Is The Lodge suitable for me?
Yes, yes and yes! We have a physical womb and an energetic womb, which I call The Sacred Womb. So if you have no physical womb, you still have the energy body of it to work with. And if you no longer menstruate, then this Lodge is indeed for you too. Most of the content in The Medicine Bundles will be relevant to you. You can simply omit the menstrual charting parts. There is also a dedicated Lodge Circle for women who are in menopause or are working with their energy womb. Your wisdom, your experience and input is very much needed and respected in The Lodge. I look forward to warmly welcoming you into this Sacred Space.
I'm a Therapist / Wellness Practitioner and am keen to learn more about womb work. Will joining The Lodge help me to expand my professional work?
Indeed it will. The pre-requisite for practicing womb work is that we connect and engage with our own cycles. By learning, we understand – and by experiencing – we get our own direct realisations. This will help your work to naturally expand as you learn and grow. I do also offer monthly Professional Training Workshops and some 1:1 mentoring sessions separately to The Lodge. Details of which you can find here >>> or you can email me on
Is The Lodge always open, can I join at any time?
The Lodge is initially open for 2 weeks. The doors will then close for around 2 months, and it will then only be open to new members for a few days each New Moon. This is so that we can settle in as a group and genuinely work in tune with the moon cycles.
If I join today will I be able to get started straight away?
Yes. Once your payment has been process you’ll get access straight away. You’ll get a quick guided tour and then you can get started on the Self Initiation Medicine Bundle. There is also foundational content for you in the member resources area such as guided meditations, videos, recipes and recommended reading
What if I join and find it's not for me?
We offer a 14 day money back guarantee. So you could join, see how it fits and if you decide it’s not for you, then let us know within 14 days and you’ll get a full refund. You can also cancel your membership at any time with just 2 clicks of your mouse from your account area within The Lodge.
I want to join but have some questions
Sometimes those new to this work may be a little reticent that they’ll feel overwhelmed or not ‘know’ enough or won’t fit in. I can assure you that many women feel like this when dipping their toes back into the red waters so to speak. It’s been a long time since women enjoyed sharing and supporting each other to grow together. You can contact me directly at to get your specific questions answered, or use the live chat box at the bottom right of this page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

The intention I set two months ago happened this week! I have the exact class I wanted for 5 nights. It was an awesome feeling to realise it’s happened exactly the way I wanted and exactly what I set my intention for. Pretty powerful stuff!! Xxx


14 day guarantee


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